Kids Room

Say Bye to Boring Pink and Blue in your Kids Room


A few years ago, the concept of interior designing wasn’t that prominent, especially in the kid’s room. While designing or planning homes, importance was only given to the living area. Later on, the trend completely changed where interior designing and decorations were given utmost priority when designing a house. Due to the increased demand, many interior designers bloomed day by day with fresh and unique ideas to make the home a paradise. Among them, the best interior designers in HyderabadSAK Interiors always stands out due to their signature styles and outstanding services.

Lately, kid’s rooms designing also gained great popularity. Initially, many opted for a blue and pink theme for kids’ rooms, blue for boy’s rooms, and pink for girls. But the best interior designers in Hyderabad introduced the concept of ‘functional kid’s room’ provided with change in color themes.

From the countless ideas of top interior designers in Hyderabad, some of the most trending ones are listed below:

Design an Attractive yet Functional Kids Room with Some Unique Ideas:

If you can find out the service of the right home interior designers in Hyderabaddecorating the kid’s room will be made easy yet perfect. These cheap and best interior designers in Hyderabad can suggest innovative layouts, themes, storage space, etc., and can design a beautiful world for your child which they would love to spend their time.

  • Select an appropriate theme for kid’s room:

As mentioned above, the color theme was limited to pink and blue for kids’ rooms for a few years. But now, the trend is entirely changed to including unique shades. Moreover, particular theme-based designs came into trend rather than colors. A theme-based kid’s room is the most thoughtful way of designing the dream world for your kids. The best budget interior designers in Hyderabad can provide you with numerous themes with added fun elements. Some of them are Space theme, Disney land, Barbie world, Jungle book, Superheroes and the list goes on.

  • Including various color Themes: 

The stereotype color themes are out of fashion now. Instead, the low-cost interior designers in Hyderabad can provide you with pastels to bright colors and neutral to bold shades, giving a sophisticated yet appealing and positive vibe to the kid’s room. Even the parents are willing to experiment with colors rather than following old trends. Incorporating pastel shades makes the room look bigger, brighter, and beautiful.

  • Custom-made Designs and Features for Your Little ones:

Unlike before, the concept of following the same layout and designs for the kid’s room has changed. The interior designers in Hyderabad India can provide you with custom-made layouts and themes with exciting added features like treehouses, slides, swings, and play areas that will add charm to the kid’s world of fantasy.

  • Making storage space attractive yet productive:

We know how difficult it is to organize the kid’s room. It doesn’t matter how well you arrange them; they are prone to be messed up most of the time; if you want to avoid a messy and cluttered room, check for top interior designers in HyderabadThe main idea of designing a functional room for kids is to provide ample and innovative storage space without any hindrances. Being the best low-cost interior designers in Hyderabad, SAK interiors can provide the most advanced options for storage that look stunning by gifting a clutter-free storage area. They provide various options like cabinets, under-bed storage areas, etc., using different materials.

  • Allocating proper space for different Activities: 

The functional kid’s room concept is wholly different from the normal one; it includes reading corners, writing spaces, play areas, etc., all arranged according to the child’s interests. Getting in touch with the right freelance interior designers in Hyderabad, you can effortlessly fulfill all the requirements of the kid’s room that are essential for the growth and development of your child.

  • Right Accessories and Furniture: 

Currently, home décor follows a minimalist style; rather than cluttering the room with furniture and accessories, the current design makes the space look seamless and elegant. SAK Interiors can guide you and assist you in choosing apt and functional furniture and accessories to enhance the room’s look. Choosing minimal accessories that define the entire space is more appealing than an area stuffed with expensive accessories.


Designing and setting the dream home is an arduous task, but setting the kid’s room according to their passion, space availability, and budget is more challenging. Fret not! The best interior designers in HyderabadSAK Interiors, can assist you and provide you with the best décor ideas and make the task of planning and designing the kid’s room fun and relaxing for you. Check out the list of top 10 interiors designers in HyderabadSAK Interiors will be definitely on top!