Best Low Cost Interior Design Ideas For You

Best Low Cost Interior Design Ideas For You

Are you looking for Best Low Cost Interior Design Ideas? SAK interiors aim to provide best service at the bare minimum price, yet without affecting the quality of the final version. To make this possible at times we try to create innovative items with the leftovers or unused antiques available. So here’s some tips and tricks which will help you to enhance the look of your space without spending much.

1: Choose correct lights: LED bulbs are energy efficient, and they can look great. In addition to it you can try using it to decorate your room by syncing it to music, decorate trees and plants during festival seasons. In addition, it’s one of the most efficient and safest as it’s waterproof and fire-resistant so you don’t need to worry about fire breakout, pulse has a minimum of 2 years of life.

Low Cost Interior Design Ideas

2. The walls in your house are the most neglected spaces, but holds the most of the essence of the room. Hence study your room and choose the colour/ design/ pattern and trinkets accordingly.
To decorate your empty wall you can try hanging pictures, dream catcher, Vinyl Records, mini chalkboard portraits, starburst mirror, Washi Tape decals, or use Metallic Clipboards with your favourite quotes.

decorate your empty wall

3. If you’re unaware about multiple ideas for flooring then it can be one the most expensive tasks. So here a list of flooring ideas from which you can decide for your space.

  • Vinyl flooring: It is the cheapest because it can go right over the existing flooring and won’t have to spend extra money on installation supplies.
  • Ceramic tiles:  It is very pocket friendly flooring as it is a solid, durable floor that’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • Concrete flooring: It is cost efficient, stylish and has become trendy in the industrial design style. Its flooring can be polished in many different ways, and colours.
  • Laminate: This is cheap and striking but has a very short life span. It’s best to avoid standing water and wet-mopping on such a floor.
  • Cork: Cork is bit expensive then the ones mentioned above but has a better quality material that’s easy to install, and it offers a softer floor.
flooring ideas

4. Here are some ideal cost friendly materials for your ceiling.

  • Drywall: The cheapest and most widespread ceiling solutions, as it  creates a smooth, attractive living space. Simply apply a coat of primer along with a coat of  paint color for the finished look.
  • Wood Paneling and Wood Planks:  It fits together using a tongue-in-groove approach and are attached metal runners. Lightweight and sturdy, wood planks make an excellent ceiling that can be painted for the desired effect.
Wood Paneling and Wood Planks

5. Doors of your house and the rooms in it are not just doors but are a way to get into your home, your family and your heart. So it has to be beaut, yet narrating the quintessence of the household. Hence you should choose your doors wisely. Some of the designs that are easily available are modern grill & wood door design, traditional South Indian main door designs, Wooden Bars & Lotus Motifs, Panelled Door, or Multi-Panel Door.

Doors of your house

Having knowledge of interior designing is good but planning to do it all by yourself can be a little tricky, instead just contact us and book an appointment with us.

Our skillful employees will help you do that, as at SAK Interiors we aim to provide best services at reasonable prices.

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