Best Interior Designing Company in Hyderabad|Creating Benchmarks in Interior Designing Industry.

Best Interior Designing Company in Hyderabad|Creating Benchmarks in Interior Designing Industry.
Interior Designing Industry

SAK Interiors was founded in Jan 2014 by Er. Alauddin Khan. Here we are working hard to find creative and innovative solutions for your home or office. We strongly believe in engaging teamwork, so we work with clients to complete their dreams into reality. We are highly precise with the project timing and client’s client’s requirements. We believe and want to build long term relations with our Clients. Currently with the team of experience and enthusiastic people he shared his creativity and innovation to over more than 50 clients all across India Making it the Best Interior Designing Company in Hyderabad

Design is constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe,
the practical with desirable

Donne Karan

Post pandemic we are seeing how our world has changed, as we are being forced to do all our chores by being at home. During such times where our plans are constantly changing but not our space, we aim to solve this problem by providing our clients with innovative collapsible furniture.

Don’t do what’s simple,Do what is right.

We go by this motto at SAK interiors and we look forward to building  the space into our client’s dream place. We make sure our highly sophisticatedly designed space doesn’t affect our clients pith. To work this out we hold multiple meetings with our clients to listen to their stories, they want their space to narrate. Getting Best Interior designer is worth your money. If you think you can design your house on your  own, it is difficult to do and interior designers work along with you to understand your concept of designs and implement it according to aspects and prospects of your house as it will look awesome as well as specious. They learn to innovate the place at the optimum cost.

“Success is an outcome of Hard work.”

We understand our clients have really worked hard to reach to the current position and are continuously working to climb up the ladder, and to boost your business one really needs fully functioning space at an reasonable price and we understand that, hence we provide our clients with wide a range of designs, available in different materials, at different prices because who doesn’t love to bag a bargain.

Our services includes:

  • Concept Design: Plan your new space with our innovative Concept Designing Services and with our expert Architecture.
  • Project Design: Design your dream space with innovative and creative design experts of SAK Interiors.
  • Make over: Placement of assets is the major factor. We do the make overs by looking at the aspect and prospect of the property.
  • Consulting: Get One to One Free Consultancy with our experts designers and convert your thinking into reality.
  • Glass & Wrought: Apart from Interior Designing SAK Interiors also provide Glass & Wrought placement service if you require.
  • Space Planning: With the increasing population demand of planning space is increasing and at SAK Interiors we work on innovation to find low space furniture and designs.

If you are interested in checking out our work, then can visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Else you prefer the  traditional way of contacting us then you can mail us at, or call us on +91 7207778662 or visit our office, our address is, Above Toys Villa, Opp. Janapriya Appartment, Miyapur Main Road, N.H. 65, Miyapur, Hyderabad, India- 500050.

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