SAK Interiors | Best Interior Designing company in Hyderabad

SAK Interiors | Best Interior Designing company in Hyderabad
Best Interior Designing Company in Hyderabad

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Specifically chosen how you want to live.

                                                               ~ Ethan Waldman

Saying that, if you’re someone who is planning to start a new life, and confused about what kind of apartment to go for, then here’s a list of apartments, from which you can decide according to your needs.

  1. Studio: A one-room apartment that comes with a kitchen and a full-size bathroom. It is mostly preferred by bachelors or people looking for a budget house because they save space and cost.
  2. Alcove Studio: The same as a regular studio but generally has an L partition in the living room. This makes it look  more spacious and is really nice to use for a sleeping area.
  3. Convertible Studio: An apartment big enough where by using false ceiling one can create multiple rooms.
  4. Loft: One large room with high ceilings. These usually exist in commercial buildings that have been renovated to residential apartment units.
  5. Duplex/Triplex: Duplex is one structure composed of two separate living units, says Apartment Guide. The top floor may be used for sleeping quarters only. A triplex is similar to a duplex, which means there are three homes within one building.
  6. Garden Apartment: A garden apartment has access to a backyard and almost always is on the ground floor, but sometimes can also be on the basement level. Garden apartments can be problematic for security reasons, and can have more pests. These units are typically found in a single family home.
  7. Railroad Apartment: These are found in smaller and older buildings and are named for their straight floor plan. There are usually three or four rooms that are all connected without a hallway, forming a long and thin rectangle. Bedrooms can be on either side or in the center. In some cases, one family would take up residence in each room, with the exterior hallway providing communal space.

Having knowledge of different housing options before investing in will definitely save your time, money and effort. So always take time to understand your options so you can find the right place for your situation and budget. Home is the starting place for hope, love and dreams, so the size of the house doesn’t really define the size of your heart. But what may speak of your psyche is it’s interior. And at SAK Interiors, which is the Best Interior Designing company in Hyderabad, we aim to help our clients to exhibit their energy through their space. So whenever you’re planning to remodel, our expert designers are just an appointment away, who would help you achieve the desirable look at the best price possible, as we come up with the best creative designs and decor.

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