False Ceiling interior design

6 false ceiling interior design that will change the way your home looks

False Ceiling interior design is the most demanding idea of the modern space. Seeing a beautiful roof always gives a sense of mesmerizing feeling that pleases the eye.

What is a false ceiling?
These are secondary ceilings that hang on the main ceiling. Shaped and structured in a way that sets the look of the place a class apart.

False ceilings interior design are of different types based on their purposes. Made using different materials. The best part is false ceilings can be both functional and elevates the aesthetics of the place.

Here are a few popular false ceiling interior design ideas which are on the trend:

Square Pattern False Ceiling Interior Design

The perfect combination of squares at your roof combined with yellow lights. These structures of squares are not sticking to the main ceiling. There is a space between the main ceiling and the secondary ceiling. Paint these squares in a combination of dark colors and light colors.

This is one of the gorgeous settings and will be best molded with gypsum. This is the best interior design setup for a living room instead of a bedroom. The Best Interior Designers in Hyderabad are SAK Interiors. They make the perfect square pattern False Ceiling Design.

Circular False Ceiling Interior Design

Another False Ceiling Interior Design Idea for your living room. Contains a large circular structure attached to the main ceiling. There is a space between the main and the secondary ceiling. There is the main circle attached to the wall which also has medium-sized circles carved
in it.

These small circles are arranged in a fantastic way that ensures the intensity of light is perfect. The arrangement ensures that the light spreads evenly in the room. SAK Interiors are the best Home Interior Designers in Hyderabad. They do this type of design perfectly with the perfect
color combination.

Wooden False Ceiling Interior Design

Gives a sense of rustic and countryside feeling to the place. These wooden patterns can be used to make attractive wooden ceilings in various shapes. The design lights up the entire place with the perfect lighting setup.

This design is the perfect setup for the living room of your farmhouse. This setup is also easy to install. It only takes the perfect shape, type and size of wood. SAK Interiors have done several projects like and they are the Best Budget Interior Designers in Hyderabad.

Flower Pattern False Ceiling Interior Design

This is the perfect False Ceiling design for your daughter’s room. The design can be best made with gypsum. The design mold contains structures of petals fused with lights. The false ceiling sticks to the main ceiling. There is no space between the main and secondary ceiling.

Get it painted with your daughter’s favorite color and flower pattern. You are all set with the perfect bedroom setup. SAK Interiors are one of the famous Interior Designers in Hyderabad that can make this setup for you.

Modern False Ceiling Interior Design

This design can be implemented in almost any corner of your home. Abstract designs are carved and combined with lights. The right paint color and a beautiful set up in your room and the entire place will set a perfect ambiance.

Best pick for people who are going for a modern and luxurious look. Gives your visitors a chance to admire and wish for a home like yours. Getting the feeling of getting it all ready. One of the Top Interior Designers in Hyderabad is SAK Interiors. They do this job with perfection.

Cloud Shape False False Ceiling Interior Design

The best type of design will make a great setup for your kid’s room. Sets a happy atmosphere for anyone who enters the room. Even your kids whenever they enter the room will get a feeling of they are flying in the sky.

Paint it in a combination of blue and white. Ensure that the room is also set up with the same combination and you have got your kids the perfect “happy place”. Get your entire home designed with SAK Interiors they have the most professional Home Interior Designers in Hyderabad.

Having a false ceiling hides all the ugly assets and makes the interior of a home even more appealing. All you need to do is fix the materials and the design best suited to your taste. Enjoy the feeling of being at a luxurious home with creative false ceiling design ideas. You can not just install these at home but also at malls, hospitals, theaters and offices. If you are looking for innovative ideas SAK Interiors have an array of ideas for you.